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As passionate travellers, we figured we had a fair idea of what travellers needed and wanted. The most important thing is the need to keep track of all our travels. Through to-do-list, check list, bucket list etc. and also a list of all the countries we have been. We stumble over a genius idea; this scratch world map, where you can scratch off countries (just like a lottery scratch card) Pretty awesome idea we thought. So, now we have one hanging on the wall, just like people has a wall of fame, we have a scratch map of all the countries we have been.

Like and share if you also have this awesome scratch map on your wall. Or you can get one here, check link below.

We´re also attempting to make an online scratch map on our site, under Destinations. For every country we have been, we´re sharing a story. But the world is wide, and there is so many places to explore and so much to do.. so we need your contribution to help us scratch off the world map by sending in your travel story, favourite destinations, tips, advice etc.

Feel free to send us an email and share your travel story.


Team Pocketholiday


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