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Discover yourself in incredible India, flights from Oslo, Norway to New Delhi, India for only €286 (NOK2675)


When we saw this deal we immediately thought it as a bucket list item: a “travel to India to discover yourself”.

India is the country in which the origin of Yoga and meditation was founded. If you are a yoga enthusiast or know someone who is, then this is a chance to make a physical, mental and spiritual journey through India and practice the Art of Living.

This incredible deal includes round trip flights from Oslo, Norway to New Delhi, India with Qatar Airways. The cheapest flights we found is when you stay for more than 3 weeks, which is perfect because it gives you plenty of time to make a journey through India and discover a once in a lifetime yoga retreat or make a trip to the beautiful mountain range of Himalaya from the Northern India. The bucket list can go on, but it´s up to you to discover it yourself.

from May to June 2016.

Oslo, Norway

New Delhi, India

Oslo, Norway

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Please allow the Momondo search to complete, then proceed the booking. Use Google Chrome to translate the Norwegian booking site if needed.

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