About us

We are a team of passionate travellers, bloggers and developers, based in Austria and Norway. We love to spend our time online searching for the next place to explore. What started out as a hobby and passion for travels, soon turned into Pocketholiday and Pocketreise (for Austria, Germany and Switzerland) March, 2016. The world is our playground, and we can never stop exploring. There is always a new place to discover, a culture to experience, a language to learn, a food cuisine to taste, music to listen or art to embrace. Most importantly, we are those passionate travellers with a budget and a bucket list. The bucket list seems to get longer and longer for every encounter of a new spot, so we have to make the budget fits too, and how? The answer is: Through Travel Deals!

With Pocketholiday we made first an App, mainly for us to easily get access to all the travel blogs, search engines and other sites we used to catch our deals for the next destination. Then we realized, why not share it to other people. And that’s how we can help people like us save a lot of time and money, travel more for less, when you get all the latest travel deals right in your pocket!

Our core value for the making of Pocketholiday is to create a sharing community of travel stories and travel deals to inspire others to travel. You will soon realize that there is an opportunity every day, to make your dream holiday come true.

Stay tuned.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single click.